Chicago Psychoanalytic Society
Scientific Presentation

Gaps, Barriers and Splits:
The Psychoanalytic Search for Connection

June 27, 2000

Northwestern Dental School
240 E. Huron Rm 3380
7:00 pm

Presenter: Arnold Goldberg, M.D.

This paper explores the pictorial imagery that is often used to explain the mind and mental processes. In particular it examines the gap that is said to exist between neurophysiologic and psychologic phenomena, the barrier said to explain the separation of unconscious from preconscious and conscious ideation and the split said to constitute the essentials of disavowal and denial. In each of these visual renditions, the claim is made that there is a logical contradiction, which stems from linear thinking. In addition the paper aims to suggest to the reader that the proper appreciation of these erroneous images might remove present-day futile efforts to pursue solutions based upon these images.

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