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Newsletter of the Chicago Psychoanalytic Society

Chicago Psychoanalytic Society | June 1998 Newsletter

The Institute Connection

by Tom Pappadis, MD, Director


On April 15th, we welcomed a group of site visitors from the American who conducted a most thorough visit evaluating our curriculum, teaching, supervision and administrative structure. They examined the many programs including the integration of the child analytic training program. They met with us for four days and presented a very favorable summary on Sunday morning at our new quarters.

We truly felt settled in. The site visits occur every seven years, the last being 1991, it gives me a sense of how quickly these years go by. A special thanks to Ken Newman, who as Dean chaired the committee in preparation for this visit. Also thanks to Jim Wilson, Associate Dean, who put a great deal of effort in coordinating the schedules. Also thanks to Jorge Schnieider, Henry Seidenberg and Bob Galatzer-Levy for their hard work on the committee.

Pat Rueckheim did an exemplary job in helping the committee with all the administrative detail; while Chris Susman arranged the various luncheons and dinners meetings in her own receptive and efficient manner. Mary Pirau, as Director of Financial Affairs, organized our financial records for the visit.

There was a sense of collegiality right from the beginning which continued throughout the visit. A special thanks to Roz and Ken Newman for hosting a party at their home during the visit. All in all,we were delighted with the visit -the ambiance and the participation of the faculty, society members and candidates. Thanks to you all.

We are in an Institute that has many diverse theoretical positions with an open and healthy disagreements, but we remain an Institute that is cohesive, moving into new directions and maintaininga continuous, committed integration within the founding principles of psychoanalytic ideas and treatment.

Before closing, I wish to invite all of you to come to the Institute and take one of our new Course Catalogues for 1998-2000. This catalogue encompasses all of our educational programs. Please take as many as you need. Many contributed to this catalogue, but a special thanks to Jim Wilson, Pat Rueckheim, Eva Sandberg and Dottie Jefferies for their help producing the catalogue which so well describes next year’s efforts.

Chicago Psychoanalytic Society | June 1998 Newsletter