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Newsletter of the Chicago Psychoanalytic Society

Chicago Psychoanalytic Society | June 1998 Newsletter

President’s Message

by Henry Evans, MD

The election for Society officers has been completed. The results are:

Alternate Councilor
Phil Lebovits
Richard Herron
Steve Flagel
Mark Levey
Robert Gordon

On behalf of the membership, I want to welcome the new officers to their two year terms of office. I also want to express my heartfelt thanks to our outgoing officers. Harvey Strauss is completing his year as Immediate Past President, capping years of diligent, even-handed work in the service of our membership. Thanks to Phil Lebovitz our treasurer, we have begun to replenish our reserves and are considering additional marketing efforts. Prudy Leib has coordinated updating the roster and has kept careful track of the Executive Committee’s business. I also want to thank Ann Kaplan, representing the Candidate members, for her active participation in our discussions and for her help as liaison. She will be replaced by Lauren Kern. I look forward to a continuation of the pleasant working atmosphere that has characterized our Executive committee discussions.

The conference "Psychoanalysis, Neurobiology and Therapeutic Change", co-sponsored by the Society in celebration of the Institute’s 65th anniversary, was a rousing success. Some 270 were in attendance including over 40 registrants from out of state. I hope and trust this endeavor will be followed by efforts to extend an interdicipilary dialog amongst interested Chicago analysts and our colleagues from other fields.

A vote will be taken in Toronto about forming a President’s Council, composed of the Presidents of the component Societies within the American.  Formation of this Council would serve to give the Societies greater involvement and voice in the deliberations of the Executive Council of the American. All issues on the agenda for the Executive Council would be first presented to the President’s Council for discussion and input. The outcome of the vote and future details about the Toronto meeting will be forthcoming from our Councilor.

Looking ahead to next year, the Program committee, with Virginia Barry as Chair, has been working hard to formulate stimulating and varied programs for our scientific meetings. Slots are nearly filled and I am sure our members will find the year a rewarding one.

The Society Matinee program scheduled for April, unfortunately, had to be canceled due to a conflict with the site visit at the Institute. Eric Plaut, who was to speak on Richard Strauss, has graciously offered to give his presentation during the next academic year. One Matinee program remains for this year. Sunday, June 28, from 3-5, Martha Schneider will present "What is Contemporary Photography?" at her gallery (look for an announcement in June). Martha will surely give a stimulating talk and will encourage discussion. Light food and wine will be served. Space is limited but your place or place(s) can be guaranteed by calling our secretary, Lucy Wrobel at 312-853-3714. I will also be sending out a questionnaire, asking you to list any area of interest around which you would like to be involved in one of the Society’s Matinee programs. We welcome the interests, vocations and avocations of any spouses or partners, as well. The accent is on the pleasure in sharing one’s interests in a casual atmosphere.

Lastly, in cooperation with the Executive Committee, I am initiating a literary prize for members of the Chicago Psychoanalytic Society. The Society Prize will be available annually. The award of $1000.00 and the opportunity to present the paper at a meeting of the Society will alternate yearly between Regular including Life members and Candidate members. All papers will be reviewed blindly by a panel experienced with writing and publishing. The submissions must be original, unpublished psychoanalytic papers of clinical or theoretical focus. Although the award may not be given each year, a committee decision based upon merit, all papers will be reviewed and receive feedback with the hope of aiding the author. The first year of this prize will be 98-99 and will be for Regular and Life members. The deadline for submission will be March 31, 1999. A separate mailing and application for the Chicago Society’s prize will be sent in the future.

Chicago Psychoanalytic Society | June 1998 Newsletter